About the Robot School

Be amazed and moved by learning!
There is loads to learn for kids
by getting lost in the making of robots.

Teaching children to both think and learn on their own.
Using their own hands and heads to give form to their ideas.
Using original educational materials to make robots,
drawing out their unique personalities
and pushing their creativity.
They will also gain "scientific knowledge" naturally.

The Robot School program will push their conceptual and problem-solving skills.

  • A type of learning with no right answer and brings out personalities.

    Here students will not just simply follow along with the text, make robots and stop there. This class will deepen their understanding of making robots through trial and error using an approach allowing children to present their own ideas and progress even further. There is no "right" way for children to create their own robots. To put it another way, all ways are the "right" way. This class trains the children's conceptual and problem-solving skills and also brings out their unique personalities through the process of telling them to make an even cooler robot.

  • They actively try because they enjoy it.

    Thinking about how to make your beloved robots to be more a certain way or how to make it move better and then actually challenging yourself is stimulating and can lead to non-stop "learning". This is where intellectual curiosity comes from, always having an active attitude towards something because you enjoy it. The children themselves are able to realize what makes learning interesting and what is fun about trying new things, feeling a great sense of accomplishment once they give their ideas form.

  • Bringing out and increasing their creativity and ambition.

    The first original kit that will be used in the Robot School contains motive power parts such as dozens of different types of blocks, motors and gears. Robots full of originality, elaborate movements and structures that will leave you surprised will be born through the ideas that come from this simple kit. That depth will bring out their creativity and desire to create even more. The learning courses are designed to progress gradually to bring out their ambition.

  • “Friends” help grow various skills.

    Even if they are different ages, go to different schools, those who share admiration for robots quickly become friends. While coming up with completely different robots which use the same parts, the students will gain new found respect for their unique qualities while gaining experience that helps them reach higher levels. Also, they will gain confidence and be able to learn how to cooperate through communication skills and exchanging opinions through getting others interested in what they have made.

For example, these are some of the skills they will learn.

Use blocks and work with hands, increasing ability to conceptualize.
Robots in the Robot School are built using blocks. The act of working with blocks, going through trial and error and thinking makes it easy to come up with ideas and grow the imagination.
Gain spatial awareness.
As they put together blocks and think about how they want to make their robot, they will start to be able to freely mentally visualize things in three dimensions. It is said that this ability is something that can only be cultivated when young.
Expand sense of creativity.
Using blocks to give form to the imagination is to create things. Children at this stage will be excited to be able to express their uniquely wild imaginations and free sensibilities, becoming lost in the process.
Learn how mechanics and power works through personal experience.
Children can learn about how the dynamics between gears and motors work and gain scientific knowledge regarding the "principle of leverage" and "friction" through personally experiencing building the robots that they want to build.
Learn to think programmatically.
In the Advanced Programming Course, children can learn "Programmatic Thinking" which will be needed during elementary school. They will become better learners and thinkers through creating even more independent and clever robots through programming and making them move.

Robot School National Tournament

There is a Robot School National Tournament that is held anually.
Incredible robots come together from all over the country!

A national tournament where students chosen from classrooms throughout Japan go head to head. They will try to become top in the country by competing in the speed category and idea contest. The level of this tournament keeps rising every year so much so that it is gaining attention, surprising even Judge Committee Chairman Tomotaka Takahashi Sensei.

Robot School National Tournament

A List of Classrooms Abroad

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